Volker Haug


Hanging leather pendant with zips a collaboration between Santha King and Volker Haug

Coupling Volker Haug's spirited design approach that engages the curiosity of the viewer to produce decorative lighting with the sculptural leather elements that is Santha King Leather and you have a quintessential collaboration.

The concept was to re-purpose old and simple pieces into new vibrant sustainable creations. The Joker and The Nuts For Leather range are playful yet functional hanging illumination that will have you light years ahead of interior design.

Hanging red Nuts for you with leather corset and ties by Santha King and Volker HaugRed perforated leather Tom Tom light by Santha King and Volker HaugBlack Tom Tom light with zipper detailing by Volker Haug and Santha KingUnzipped black and white chandelier by Santha King and Volker HaugZipped Joker made from up-cycled leather by Volker Haug and Santha King

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