Sneaky Six

Sneaky six, a sneaker exhibition at Gorker gallery, was a collaboration between Santha King and street artists Nate Holmes, Nior, Snuf,  Timba, Trapnell and Twoone.

The Sneaky Six series features limited sets of original Santha King sneakers hand made from leather hides spray painted, dyed and illustrated by five of Melbourne's leading and influential street artists.

The concept behind this was to support and create exposure for local and up and coming artists whilst taking art originally born from the streets and giving it a new audience among the fashion and sneakerhead industries.

Artists involved: 
Nate Holmes, Nior, Snuf, Timba, Trapneli and Twoone.


Ink and leather dye detailed sneakers handmade by Santha KingRear shot of graffiti sneakers handmade by Santha KingBlue and black graffiti sneakers on raw kangaroo leather


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