• Bespoke Leather Artisan


If you have a vision, we have the skills to make it


At Santha King we believe in Bespoke; ideas and one-off pieces tailor made specifically to your needs, wants, and desires.

Our products are hand made to order in Melbourne.

We don't believe in mass produced pieces or buy-in-bulk. We only use sustainable, locally sourced premium materials and we focus on ensuring our products and ideas are kept original, fresh and very personal.

Collaboration: Volker Haug

For those with a kink for lighting, Volker Haug and Santha King bring you Nuts About You and The Joker. For three weeks, King spent every night and her days off working on the Joker and made six prototypes before coming up with the final piece. This is the kind of attention to detail that Santha King is known for - now behave.


Collaboration: Sneaky Six


'Leather just ties everything together for me. I can use all my fashion, shoe making, tattooing, printing and jewellery expertise and make so many more things. It's a material that has its own mind, so to speak, and I am very hands-on and enjoy every aspect of it.'

Santha King

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