The Ethos

Luxury leather, for the conscious-minded.

We love the look and feel of leather. The durability, the beauty, the versatility. But we don’t agree with most of the manufacturing methods. The mistreatment of animals and the toll it takes on the environment.

But, while this can be true for big brands and mass production, it’s not true of all leather and labels.

The leather we use is ethically sourced from local livestock farms in Victoria and Europe where the animals are treated as humanely as possible and the factories are committed to their staff, reducing waste, water recycling, energy efficiency, the replacement of all harmful substances including diesel, and to investing in future research to keep minimising any impact on the environment. Leather is also by nature, more natural and biodegradable than synthetics and vinyls that saturate the fashion market adding to land fill.

By balancing our responsibilities with our design we can ensure high-quality products. With minimal waste and a limited impact to our planet, that has a longevity surpassing most materials.

The collections are handmade in Melbourne on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, of the Kulin Nation, designed with distinct and strong timeless detailing. Comfortable pieces that will remain prominent within your wardrobe for many trends, seasons and years.

Slow fashion you can look and feel great in.

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