Santha King

The Hardwear Mask

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Not a mask for the meek. 

These masks hold a bold and fearless appearance but are soft and comfortable to wear. The cotton linings and eyelet hardware create the right amount of air flow. 

Each bespoke mask comes with multiple layers of cotton, an additional filter pocket (where extra protection is desired) and adjustable elastic straps for a clean fit.

Once product ordered, you will be emailed a design consultation before your one-off mask is made.

“Life is a bitch. The moment I took my mask off, it punched me in the face.” - Daniel Saint

  • 100% leather, locally sourced
  • Cotton-lined interior
  • Eyelets to enhance airflow and customise the design
  • One size fits most
  • Assorted colour selections based on availability
  • Australian hand made
  • Prices exclude GST and shipping